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Gatis Cīrulis

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I come from Latvian country town Zalieniki where my family owns a farm. I studied mathematics and got bored of it and went to army. Then I was accepted Latvian University of Agriculture in Jelgava and got an internship to study agriculture in Michigan State University in US. I lived in Michigan and worked on a farm as part of my exchange program. My host family noticed my interest in art and suggested that I enroll in art program. This was the start of my art and design career. Since 2001 I worked as an illustrator, art director, publication designer and web designer. Along the way, I have done numerous freelance projects that include interior design, murals, tattoos, commissioned paintings, industrial and floral design.


Gatis Cīrulis- Artwork Description





Letterpress mono prints of numbers made at the Hamilton Wood type museum. Size approximately 35 by 43 inches.
Letterpress printing with wood type is the closest thing to home for me because of its hands-on approach and unexpected results.

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