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Dale Enochs

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Enochs' numerous large scale public works can be seen throughout Indiana including the Indiana Governor's Residence and The New Indianapolis International Airport. His public work can also be found abroad in Hangzhou, China and Osaka Prefecture in Japan. Enochs' work is in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Canada. Most recently he installed a large scale public sculpture for the City of Bloomington's B-Line Trail project. He is currently working on a site specific piece for the University of Central Florida.


Dale Enochs- Artists Statement


"Ishi Kawa Venus"



The primary material that I use is indigenous to the area in which I live. That material, limestone, speaks of time, substance, strength and the land from which it comes. These associations are an integral part of the work that I make.


Elements such as scale, texture, form and mass, among others, are formal considerations in the process of making art. Each of these also has their associations.


The manipulation of a material in an ordered manner has the potential to allude to elusive ideas. The choices that I make in this process have a multilayered voice. Through this I hope to speak to the heart of things.


The sculpture titled "Ishi Kawa Venus" is a response to my travels in Japan.


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